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Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara NSP, XCI ROM

Download Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara NSP, XCI ROM + Update

by noobrom
Release Date July 27, 2023
Genre Platformer, Adventure
Publisher & Developer CHIBIG
System Nintendo Switch
Image format NSP
Game version 1.2
Language English, French, German, Spanish
Required firmware 16.0.3
Multiplayer Single System (1)
Age rating Everybody 10+
Supported play modes TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara: Join Koa and her best friend Napopo on an action-packed island-hopping journey through Mara! Outsmart traps, navigate treacherous terrains, and explore a series of daring escapades. With Koa and Napopo leading the way, embark on this thrilling homage to classic platform adventures, facing off against fearsome pirate bosses.

Download-Koa-and-the-Five-Pirates-of-Mara-NSP-XCI-ROM.webp (1280×720)

Unravel the archipelago step by step, discovering enchanting islands with sandy beaches and bubbling volcanoes, each brimming with secrets and collectibles. The visually stunning levels are a testament to the attention to detail and immersive world design.

Whether you seek relaxation or a challenge, Koa and the Five Pirates cater to all adventurers, from newcomers to seasoned speedrunners, making it a thrilling buccaneering escapade for everyone.


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