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Download Big Farm Story NSP, XCI ROM

by noobrom
Release Date September 1, 2023
Genre Role-Playing, Simulation, Multiplayer
Publisher & Developer Goodgame Studios
System Nintendo Switch
Image format NSP
Game version 1.0
Language English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Required firmware 16.0.3
Multiplayer Single System (1-2)
Age rating Everyone
Supported play modes TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Big Farm Story: Transform your fantasy farm alongside friends and animals. Cultivate crops, nurture fields, craft, and embark on a farming odyssey. Encounter new companions at every turn, mold your own community, and relish crafting your narrative.

Upon reaching your grandfather’s farm, you’re met with a dismal sight. Buildings lay in ruins, fields overrun. The farm sits abandoned, and your grandparent has vanished without a trace.
Get your hands dirty and take hold of your watering can. It’s your moment to elevate your farming prowess and revive the farm of your childhood dreams. Seek your grandparent’s trails and seize the opportunity to script your own saga!

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CONSTRUCT YOUR IDEAL FARM: Transform your aspirations into reality as you restore your grandparent’s decrepit farm to its former splendor. Harvest organic produce, amass resources, and win the affections of your farming neighbors by addressing their requests and narratives.

ENGAGE WITH THE TOWNSFOLK: Embrace your role in the local community. Meet unforgettable characters with vibrant personalities and captivating tales to impart. Forge strong bonds with the townspeople—Benny, Sam, and their cheerful comrades eagerly await your presence.

ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS: Elevate your character’s proficiency with a variety of skills to assist you in your exploits. Acquire stickers during the storyline and select the skills your character should acquire. Aspire to become the ultimate farmer? Or perhaps master the art of baking delectable cookies? The choice is yours, shaping your skills based on your playstyle.

ATTEND TO YOUR ANIMALS: Tend to your beloved farm animals, raising chickens, cows, and alpacas. Breed them to discover rare breeds, and cherish and pamper adorable baby animals of all kinds.

PERSONALIZE YOUR ABODE: Define your unique style and unleash your creativity. Add your personal flair to fashion your one-of-a-kind farmstead with a diverse array of furniture and collectible decorations.

FARMING EXPEDITIONS: Embark on a grand adventure in the world of Big Farm, teeming with extraordinary agricultural escapades. Satisfy your curiosity and uncover a tranquil realm replete with treasures and revelations. Relish awe-inspiring vistas and landscapes. Spend leisurely afternoons gathering wildflowers or foraging for mushrooms in the woods.


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